Friday, November 03, 2006

It's Still The Same Old Story [link]

In Nevada, the political scene has been shaken by charges that the Republican candidate for Governor, Jim Gibbons, assaulted a woman in a parking garage. Why does this story seem familiar?

Because it is right out of the Democrat playbook. Take a look at the 1990 Minnesota race for governor. Republican Jon Grunseth was ahead in the polls. Then shocking charges were made against Grunseth...that several years earlier he had been swimming naked with a teenaged girl at a political fundraiser. The scandal destroyed Grunseth and he was forced to drop out of the race.

Only...a few days AFTER election day, it was discovered that charges were absolutely false. The mother and daughter team who made the claim were discovered to be life-long Democrats. It was unlikely that they would have been at a Republican fundraiser. Better yet...the pair had made identical claims against another Republican candidate a few years earlier.

Oddly enough, you can't find much information about that old story online. There are a few DEM sites that reference it...all of which embellish the lude elements (some say there were 2 naked teenaged girls in the pool, some say there were 4). NONE of them make note of the fact that the charges were proven to be totally false.

I sent an email to the Powerline boys. They are the authorities on all things political in Minnesota and they might be in a better position to make comparisons.


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