Sunday, September 03, 2006

Intent and Murder [link]

A Cleveland detective was killed when a suspect fired a gun at the police through a closed door. The suspect was being arrested on a warrant for burglary and rape.

According to a report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (linked to above):

Detective Schroeder had volunteered to be among the 12 law enforcement officers serving a warrant on aggravated robbery and rape charges on Wilson Santiago, 37.

The house on Cleveland's west side was surrounded by officers as Detective Schroeder and his supervisor went to the wooden, windowless front door. The door was opened from inside and quickly slammed shut before the bullet came through the door, striking Detective Schroeder, Mr. Flask said.

The police returned fire. Mr. Santiago, the suspected gunman, was not injured. He then surrendered and was arrested, Mr. Flask (Cleveland's Safety Director) said.

Ok, he was charged with Aggravated Murder....the penalty may be death. Let's assume that the news report is accurate. Let's also assume that Mr. Santiago was the only person in the house. There can be no doubt about his guilt. The defense team will focus attention on Santiago's intent to kill. They will claim that he did not mean to kill anyone; that he only intended to frighten the officers since there was no way he could aim his weapon at anyone through a closed door through which he could not see.

Too frakking bad. He intended to shoot the gun in the direction of arresting officers. Frankly, I am disappointed that the officers did not kill him on the scene. Most left-wing moon bats would have us all believe that a cop killer is almost certainly going to be given no chance of surrendering and will be murdered by the police...they are almost always wrong. I remember that case a year ago (on March 11, 2005) where a defendant in Atlanta, Georgia broke free from a Megalon sized (5'1" tall) guard and then killed a judge, court reporter, and a deputy sheriff. A co-worker of mine (a liberal attorney who had experience doing criminal defense work) kept telling me that the suspect had no chance of being taken alive. Well, WRONG! That killer (Brian Nichols) was later captured alive. Hmmm Nichols was also a rape suspect. Violent men, these rapists. Big surpise.

Well, Santiago was taken alive. So, he should be given a fair trial, convicted, and sentenced to death. If there were any justice in the world, he would be executed by year's end! The only reason to let him live a little longer would be so that he could gain some first hand experience at what it is like to be a rape victim while in prison.


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