Thursday, August 24, 2006

Marina Sirtis - OH...MY...GOD!

Marina Sirtis is just too funny to believe. I showed up at her presentation expecting to sit for a few minutes in the airconditioning, get some rest, then move on when I got bored. WRONG! She showed up a few minutes late and hit the ground running.

She got a question about her accent during Next Gen. She has a British accent and the producers told her that since they already had a Brit on the show, she would have to do another accent. She asked a very logical question...if Picard is French, shouldn't HE do an accent? She then went off on five minute rant bad mouthing the French:

As a Brit, I always wondered why we built that channel tunnel. We hate the f-ing French. I mean, who doesn't hate the French? Everybody hates the French.

* * * *

By the 24th Century, according to Star Trek, there are no more French speaking people left in France. Have you noticed that? That is why we built the channel tunnel.

* * * *

Look at this whole Lebanon business. The French are suppose to be leading the whole peacekeeping force. They want to send 200 soldiers; damned cowards. What is the first thing French kids learn in school. Anyone? "I surrender," in five different languages, yeah.

Marina wants to do GALACTICA, but apparently has NOT yet seen the show...she had no clue what a Cylon was.


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