Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Sinking Molly Ivins [link]

Molly is mad! The Dems just aren't pushing the "progressive" agenda hard enough. She wants action! And just what action are we talking about?

1) Iraq is making terrorism worse; it’s a breeding ground. We need to extricate ourselves as soon as possible. We are not helping the Iraqis by staying.
2) Full public financing of campaigns so as to drive the moneylenders from the halls of Washington.
3) Single-payer health insurance.! Please, let the Dems fight for these issues! They would lose, BIG TIME!

We ARE making a difference in Iraq. If we pull out, the terrorists will claim victory. They would be able to recruit like mad, and soon we would have hundreds of thousands of eager jihadis attacking Americans and Westerners on a regular basis. Deep in her heart, Molly (and most other Dems) thinks the world is really a safe place. isn't.

Public financing of elections? Oh yeah. And who decides which candidates get the funding? Whining losers and political wannabes will get in line for their campaign funds right along side the devoted, qualified pols. C'mon Molly, maybe on TV, a former school teacher can become a hard as nails President (aka President Laura Roslin on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), but in real life, we would end up with a different group of losers to replace the losers we have now.

Single payer health insurance? Why not just legislate the health care program out of the movie LOGAN'S RUN. You turn 30, you get terminated! Excellent health care plan. And it solves the problem of long term care for the elderly.

Molly and her friends are not living in the real world anymore. Hopefully, fate will not allow them to put their plans into action.


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