Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hillary and hypocrisy

Now we have the spectacle of Hillary Rodham Clinton criticizing the Bush Administration for being slow on releasing information. And the media lets her get away with this.

Does anyone remember Howard Kurtz's book about the Clinton Administration's strategy for dealing with scandals? The book was called SPIN CYCLE and was published right before the Lewinsky scandal broke.

In a nutshell, Kurtz wrote that the Clinton's method for dealing with embarrassing information was to tell the media that they were investigating what happened and that they would make a complete release of information as soon as they could. But then, they would start offering defenses and explanations (even before the information has been gathered and reviewed). And, while the Clinton personnel would always be saying, "More rather than less; sooner rather than later," the reality was that they dragged their heels as much as possible and delayed releasing information. They would release small amounts at a time in order to lessen the outrage.

This White House has been a breath of fresh air compared to the Clintons. was only a 14 hour delay between the time of the accident and the initial press report. And it was just that, an accident. An event that had no national significance.


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