Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What goes around comes around

Bill Murchison has a delightful little lesson for the Dems in his column, posted at (and linked to above). I can only hope that the Republicans follow the Dems' lead and give back everything the Dems have done to them. I am more than eager to follow this path.

It never is fair to posit some magical time when politicians of different parties and large ambitions worked together large-mindedly for the common good. Politics, based as it is on the lust for power, is about as nasty as a trade as, well, pro football. Republicans, we may now have to admit, overdid the Bill Clinton thing -- indeed, showed the guy the same kind of visceral dislike many Democrats manifest toward George Bush.

And yet those relatively recent times were unlike our own. Mainly, there was no war demanding the commander-in-chief's unimpeded leadership until victory. Even if every article of Sen. Joseph Biden's weekend knock against White House integrity proved Gospel true, where would that get us at the moment? What good would it do?

Democratic rancor over the war and the high court makes it hard for members of the two parties even to talk civilly to each other. That's why this word to wise Democrats. What goes around can come right back and bite you in the hinderquarters. Likely the Republicans should have taken that advice to heart back in impeachment times, but you know what? That's gone. What's left is the ugliness and corrosiveness of 2005 -- of which, if you know human nature, you can bet we haven't seen nearly the last.

That's right! The Dems are so hateful of President Bush that they would have us lose a vital war just so they can score points and return to power. Of course, our loss in that war would be a disaster that would leave us with a revitalized Al Qaeda and militant Islam on the march. Eurabia could become a reality and the eventual result would be a world war that would make WW II look like a school yard fight between grade schoolers...imagine a medieval style war fought with modern weapons!

We are talking death and destruction of biblical proportions that will leave over a billion people dead in the end. But the Dems apparently feel this is a worthy risk to take if it puts them back in charge of Congress or the White House. Most sane Americans would disagree and, if there is any justice in the world, will make the Dems suffer for their stupidity and selfishness.


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