Saturday, November 05, 2005

Swan Dive Off The High Board Into An Empty Pool >link<

Well, the Dems are circling wagons after their embarrassing show this past week. They throw a temper tantrum and call for a closed session in the Senate to discuss alleged "lies" used by the Bush administration to take us to war.

Many Dems refuse to see how embarrassing this was...they feel that they are "empowered." Eleanor Clift certainly is feeling her oats:

Democrats feel emboldened, and they’re dropping the euphemisms. They’re saying straight out that the president and his administration lied and manufactured evidence to take the country to war. The logical extension of such an explosive charge would be impeachment, says Marshall Wittmann, a senior fellow at the Democratic Leadership Council, though Wittman doesn’t personally advocate this strategy. “It’s the highest crime and misdemeanor one can think of, the case that they maliciously did this, and it obliges Democrats [who backed the war] to say they cast the wrong vote.” Wittmann is sharply critical of the administration’s performance in Iraq, but he supported the invasion and thinks Democrats would be ill-advised to drag the country into impeachment proceedings.

Impeachment seems a bridge too far, but when the question was posed to a former senior member of the law-enforcement community, he didn’t dismiss it out of hand. “Not at this stage,” he told NEWSWEEK, “but there are three more years left to this administration, and I can see it unraveling.”

Eleanor is sporting the latest in tin foil headwear. The Dems are so detatched from reality that they are actually talking about impeaching Bush. Excuse me, but the Dems in Congress (and most of the rest of the world's intelligence agencies) had the same intelligence information that the White House did and came to the same conclusion...that Saddam was trying to develop weapons of mass destruction. Now they want to rewrite history so that they can shout "Bush lied!" This is the same kind of nonsense that Republicans spouted during the early 40s when they referred to the Second World War as "Roosevelt's War."

Well, considering the evil that Hitler, the Nazis, and the Japanese Nationalists posed, I have no problem if Roosevelt DID trick us into that needed to be does the war in Iraq.


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