Monday, October 09, 2006

POP goes the weasel

Just when things were looking absolutely desperate for the Republicans, Kim Jung Il goes nuclear. That should take Marky Foley off the front pages for a day or so. And when the media goes back to Foley, it will seem unimportant.

The fear for the GOP is that Republican voters will be demoralized and not show up at the polls on November 7th. The Foley scandal demoralized Rep voters just as their enthusiasm was showing upward momentum. At the same time, the scandal was increasing the moonbats' anger at Reps and increasing their enthusiasm. The result could have been explosive: lower Rep turnout and higher Dem turnout (with a signficant moonbat component) could have resulted in a 30 to 50 seat pickup for the Dems in the House and a 7 to 8 seat pickup in the Senate.

But now we have an international crisis of maximum that highlights the failures of the Jimmy Carter/Ned Lamont kumbayaa approach to foreign policy. Excuse me, exactly WHO negotiated the 1994 agreement with North Korea to keep them from developing nuclear weapons? Hmmmmm.


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