Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mark Foley - is he also a gay American?

Ok, in 2004 Jim McGreevey ... [pregant pause until Megalon stops laughing] ... deflects attention from his scandal ridden administration as Governor of New Jersey by telling the world that he is a "gay American" as he announces his resignation. The media applauds his "courage."

In 2001, California Congressman Gary Condit is discovered to have been having an affair with a young female intern, Chandra Levy, who has been missing (and who was later found to have been murdered). Rather than assist law enforcement officials by giving them pertinant information about her recent activities, he gave minimal and misleading information. It is possible that better participation on his part may have helped law enforcement officials uncover her fate and find more clues to her death. Condit refused to resign but was later voted out of office when he lost a contested primary.

In 1990, Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is reprimanded by the House leadership (controlled by Dems at that time) because it was discovered that his male lover, Steve Gobie, was running a prostitution ring out of Frank's Washington, DC townhouse. Frank had previously hired Gobie to serve on his congressional staff. It was also learned that Frank had fixed 33 of Gobie's parking tickets. According to the rumor mill, Frank was willing to accept a reprimand, but that if a more severe punishment was sought, he would "out" several Republican gays who were in the closet. Charming...isn't it? Massachusetts voters continue to elect Frank.

In 1983, Massachusetts Congressman (what IS it with Massachusetts Congressmen?) Gerry Studds admitted to having had sex with a 17 year old congressional page ten years earlier. The House of Representatives voted to censure Studds...who turned his back as it was read. Voters sent him back to Congress for five more terms.

What do all of these politicians have in common? They are all Democrats.

In 2006, Republican Congressman Jim Foley is discovered to have been sending dirty instant messages and/or emails to Congressional pages. There is, as of yet, no proof that he actually had sexual relationships with any underaged youths. The news breaks on a Friday...Foley resigns that very same day. He does not claim to be a "gay pedophile American." He is not called a hero. No one comes to his support. He is OUT. Yet, this is not enough for the main stream media. They condemn the entire Republican leadership.

The timing of this story is intriguing. Several news outlets had information regarding Foley for over a year...but the story does not break until five weeks before election day. Curious, huh? The Dems always claim that the Reps are going to pull some October Surprise...but it always seems to be the Reps who are on the receiving end.


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