Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blame for No Ko Nuke

Liberals are trying to blame the Bush administration for North Korea's nuclear provocation. In their dream world, President Clinton and former President Carter negotiated an agreement in 1994 that kept the NKs from developing nuclear weapons and that alleged diplomatic failures by the Bush administration caused the NK's to break out of that agreement and restart their nuke program.

The liberals are ignoring reality. 1994 was the last time the world had a chance at stopping the NK's while they were still lacked the ability to actually build nuclear weapons. The NK's gratefully accepted the incentives offered by Clinton and Carter, then secretly continued with developing nuclear weapons in secret. By 2001 the NK's had the ability to build weapons and they no longer needed to hide that fact. When evidence of their violation of the 1994 "Agreed Framework" was brought to their attention, the NK's promptly announced that they were no longer going to follow its terms.

So what did Clinton and Carter accomplish? They gave billions of dollars in aid to the NK's and they allowed the NK's to continue developing their nuclear program past the point where they could be stopped. By 2001, there was nothing the Bush administration could do, short of war, to keep the NK's from building weapons.

Liberals will howl that the NK's did not build nukes during the Clinton years. They conveniently ignore the fact that the NK's violated an agreement reached with the Clinton administration and secretly continued developing those weapons. Clinton's failure of nerve, incompetence, and stupidity allowed NK the additional time needed to complete their nuke program and build weapons in secret making any effort to stop the NK's too expensive to consider.


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