Thursday, September 07, 2006


Sorry everyone for the lack of activity. I am getting ready for military reserve duty next week. I had to run around and mail some checks last night (and take one to Federal Express...whoa was THAT expensive).

Then I learned that a person I knew in Pittsburgh died...someone who had been a bit of an institution in my circle of friends.

I need to post my opinions about Ohio senate candidate Sherrod Brown...oh my...what a hack. He is a cartoon version of a liberal Democrat. He held statewide office back in the 80s, then lost to Bob Taft (spit *** spit) in an election upset back in 1990. The Ohio Dems created a US House district for him during the 90s (up in the heart of the liberal northeast of Ohio) and he has been your classic, big city, mindless liberal. Now he is running for US Senate. The polls right now have him leading Mike DeWine.

I have a hard time believing this. I have been unhappy with Mike since he has not been a reliable conservative, but he has always struck me as a statesman. I think that Mike's difficulties have more to do with the general low feeling that America has with the President AND the low feeling that Ohio has with Republicans because of the scandals surrounding Governor Taft and his administration.

I hope that as we get closer to election day, Ohioians will take a closer look at Brown and realize that he lacks substance. Brown is a thoughtless liberal...he would be a hand puppet for the Dem leadership. He is one of the most liberal members of the Senate too. Of course, Ohio has a tradition of sending annoying liberals to the Senate...witness Howard Metzenbaum...there was a man who was so liberal (and so unprincipled about it) that he made me embarrassed to be Jewish. Metzenbaum was predecessor to Chuck Schumer as the archtype annoying liberal Jew in the Senate.

Ok, off to work.


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