Friday, August 18, 2006

NSA Monitoring - Legal Follies

The week after the bust up of a conspiracy in England to bomb ten airliners in flight, a bust up probably due to very intrusive monitoring of electronic communications, a U.S. District Court rules that the NSA's program for monitoring international electronic communications is unconstitutional.

I have not examined the legal merits of the case, but the timing certainly is bad for this decision. Gee...just after a monitoring program hits pay dirt and saves thousands of lives, a court rules that you are not allowed to monitor.

Ok, I am an unfrozen Ne[oCon]anderthal voter. WHAT THE FRAK!!!!!!! I think the American public is going to be highly cynical about this decision. The Bush administration is trying to keep us safe and the courts are more interested in legal niceties. The moonbats will be out there screaming that this proves that Bush is worse than Hitler.

Sigh. Judges (and other intelligent, educated people) can sometimes be so stupid and find themselves tied up in knots of spurious logic.


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