Tuesday, August 22, 2006

light blogging today - maybe more tomorrow

I am off to the World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles (actually Anaheim). I will put in a full day at the office, head to the airport, and fly out at 6:20 pm tonight. I will probably get to my hotel at 10:00 pm Pacific Time...oh I will be one very tired little trekkie.

This photo was from the Boston worldcon in 2004. I won't be bringing any costumes this year (sorry Megalon); I decided not to check any luggage and I could barely fit 4 days worth of regular clothes in it (you KNOW how badly I overpack).

Los Angeles worldcons are always filled with major media events...hopefully this one will be no different.

Here I am with my Slovakian friend Martina...we met at the last LA Worldcon back in 1996. We will be partners in crime at this con too. Woo hoo! I just have to keep her safe from her ex-boyfriends!


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