Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Anti-Israel or Anti-Semitic? You Decide [link]

Read the comments hear at the DIGG posting linked to above. The underlying story deals with a rant by the offensive George Galloway on tv. Apparently, he shredded a news interviewer by spewing hatred towards Israel. The comments at the DIGG posting approve of Galloway's comments and many of them are dripping with hatred towards Israel and Jews.

Not the stuff that I want to read in the morning.

Galloway excels at twisting and ignoring facts to make it seem as if the tyrants and murderers he supports are virtual cherubs. He is a vile and disgusting man who can talk his way around any challenger who is not verbally adebt. Christopher Hitchens cleaned Galloway's clock several months ago in a debate. Hopefully, there will be MORE of that.


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