Saturday, May 13, 2006

Spurious Poll...CNN shows its love for Bill Clinton

The left wingers are singing with joy over a recent CNN poll that suggests that a majority of Americans think that Bill Clinton was a superior president to George Bush. Clinton was president during a time of peace and prosperity...I think the poll measures the respondents' desire for the good old days, rather than the abilities of the two leaders.

Here is what the Carpetbagger Report says:

Clinton, meanwhile, doesn't need partisans to make his presidency look good — after a few years of watching Bush, Americans can't help but miss having a competent, capable leader in the Oval Office.

Clinton did little to move the country forward or to prepare for the dangers on the horizon. He gave us dozens of tiny, populist programs to please the masses. But he ignored the major dangers that his successor is now forced to deal with.

Immigration policy? Punt. Stopping the spread of Islamo-terrorism? Punt.

It is a good thing Bill Clinton is not president now...otherwise we would all best be studying Arabic and boning up on the Sharia.


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