Friday, January 20, 2006

Hey NPR - FRAK YOU!!!!!

So I wake up this morning at 5:50am to the strains of NPR on my clock radio. They have a report about the fact that glamorous jobs don't pay very well. Ok, I can buy that...if you have lots of people chasing after a job (like news reporter or PR consultant) then the industry can pay less.

But then they discuss jobs that are essential, but UN-glamorous. And the first job they name? Tax attorney. Well, NPR...I like being a tax attorney. No, I don't earn $130,000 per year...but I like my job just fine. Maybe YOU don't think it is glamorous, but I can remember when I was the tax prosecutor down in the Virgin Islands (oh....sounding better now?) and the other attorneys in the office thought that tax litigation was boring. Then I started describing my cases. After a few minutes, no one thought my job was boring any more. I had cases with challenging issues and amusing facts. More than what any of THEM could say.


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