Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

One must feel sorry for the Democrats in Washington, DC. Things were going so badly for President Bush early last week...the anxiety over the pending indictments regarding the Plame "outing." the Harriet Miers headache...pain for the Administration was good news for the Dems.

But then the clouds began to clear. Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald issued indictments against Scooter Libby but not against Karl Rove. Miers withdrew herself from the nomination and the President hit a home run by nominating Sam Alito. What can the Dems do to stop this? Why, have a temper tantrum!

Which is what they did. In a magnificent display of putting form ahead of substance, the Dems in the US Senate invoked a seldom used rule to hold a secret session, allegedly to discuss pre-Iraq war intellegence failurs. In fact, this was just a stunt to try and attract attention to the Dem's wild conspiracy theories about the Iraq war.

The vast majority of Americans will probably see the Dems as petulant children and yawn at the results of this childish outburst. So much faked outrage over something so boring...spare us! I don't think the Dems helped themselves politically and I think that they helped to solidify the Republican caucus through this hyperpartisan stunt.

If the Dems can get this "outraged" over something this boring, imagine what they will do when it comes time to vote on the Alito nomination? Somebody better have a good supply of smelling salts!


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