Thursday, October 06, 2005

Travis County - further discussion of the latest shoe to drop [link]

Ronnie Earle is getting more negative news attention, this time from a report at Yahoo News:

I have some procedural questions. Did the first grand jury (the one that had been convened for many months to consider the charges against DeLay) consider the money laundering charges? Did they vote a "no bill?"

Next, what were the details of the second grand jury. Was this a newly convened grand jury formed just to consider the money laundering charge? Was it a grand jury formed for some other purpose that was at the end of its term (I have read several media reports that ONE of the grand juries that declined to indict was at the end of its term. Was this the first or the second grand jury)?

There are news reports that the foreman of the first grand jury was willing to vote to indict DeLay before he heard any evidence. Seems like a major problem there (though I can't remember the rules dealing with bias and prejudgment by members of a grand jury...I don't know if the rule is the same as for members of a petit jury).

Time will tell.


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