Saturday, October 08, 2005

Set Condition 1SQ; the release of nuc-U-lar weapons against Harriett Miers has been authorized! [link]

Light least for now. I am spending the weekend north of town and going to the symphony tonight.

William Kristol has an interesting column in the Weekly Standard today stating the conclusion that the best way for the Administration to end the embarrassment and pain of the Miers nomination is for her to withdraw her nomination.

"Would a withdrawal be an embarrassment to the president? Sure. But the embarrassment would fade. Linda Chavez at the beginning of the first term, and Bernard Kerik at the beginning of the second, withdrew their nominations for cabinet positions and there was no lasting effect. In this case, Miers could continue to serve the president as White House counsel. The president's aides would explain that he miscalculated out of loyalty and admiration for her personal qualities. And he could quickly nominate a serious, conservative, and well-qualified candidate for the court vacancy."

Miers needs to fall on her sword if she wishes to spare the President additional political pain and suffering. The President can then nominate a more impressive candidate.

This battle is not just about the Supreme Court. The GOP is in a rut and it needs motivation and initiative it is going to start moving forward again. The bogus indictments against Tom DeLay, the spurious ethics charges against Bill Frist, and the fiasco over relief for hurricane Katrina (both the initial mess and the subsequent budget blowout) create a risk that Republicans will appear weak and incompetent to the American public. The White House needs to make a decisive move and the GOP needs to wage a successful effort in some area....let it be the Supreme Court.

The John Roberts nomination showed how well this process can go. It was a success for the administration and for the Republican party. The Democrats looked like partisan hacks by opposing Roberts. The Dems show their worst side when they attack a judicial nominee. The public did not pay attention when nominees to the Circuit Courts were blocked and the Dems have come to believe that this was a winning strategy. Let them try that approach with a Supreme Court nominee. The entire country will be engaged; the entire country will see the moral emptiness of the Dem's position. The entire country will wonder why a hardcore liberal like Ruth Bader-Ginsburg can receive an overwhelming vote in favor of confirmation while a comparable conservative is savaged.

Let it be so.


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