Sunday, October 09, 2005

The BAN from UNCLE [link]

Coming soon to an internet near you, lower quality service, higher prices, and highly restricted content.

At least, that is what will happen if the EU has its way and delivers control of internet to a bureaucracy run by the UN.

Forgive me for being lazy, but my near friend Pamela over at ATLAS SHRUGS has done an outstanding job of piecing together a series of comments and commentaries on this issue:

Why is the EU doing this? Probably because the bureaucrats who work there believe that they know better than anyone how everything should be run...either by them or by UN bureaucrats. And what will a UN controlled internet be like?

Well, many of the countries pushing for UN control (such as China and Cuba) would like to stop the spread of free speech on the web. Nothing would make them happier than to see the internet become clogged with regulations and extra fees.

The extra regulations will be intended to make the system more fair and to preent the spread of inappropriate content. But, just who get to decide what content is appropriate?

The extra fees will be imposed so that wealthy users in the US and Europe can be forced to pay to provide affordable internet access in the third world) so that fewer people could afford it and use it. Yes, the UN will force us to pay more for our internet so that the less advantaged people can have web access. But don't count on seeing may free internet cafes in Shanghai or in Nigeria. Instead, much of this money will end up lining the pockets of corrupt UN bureaucrats and operatives in NGOs.

So, use it while you have it.


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