Wednesday, August 16, 2006

If I Were a Cartoonist. . .

I have an image in my mind about the recent Israel/Lebanon war. You see a battered man climbing out of a bomb shelter in the middle of a bombed out moonscape of a land. In the distance, you see a fence/border with a tremendous concentration of military might on the other side. The battered man is shouting, "We won!" Cutting off the nose to spite one's face at the national level...some victory.

I had an IM chat with a soldier I know who is on his way back to Iraq to serve the second half of his tour. When I mentioned the failure of Israeli Prime Minister Olmert to prosecutor the war, my friend wrote, "WE ALL wanted to see him say FU to the UN, now the Iranians and Hezbullah are full of piss."

The modern laws of war are immoral. There is almost no enforcement imposed on dictator run states or terrorist groups. The tyrants and terrorists around the world use the UN and the Geneva Conventions to tie up the US and Western Powers to keep them from effectively fighting. The thugs of the world are banding together and using the UN and international law as instruments to protect themselves.

Atrocities in the third world are trumpeted as triumphs. Consider Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. This petty tyrant took a prosperous country and turned it into a hell hole filled with starving people. Yet the other African leaders treat him like a hero. In John Derbyshire's latest podcast, a story was told about a neighboring country that named a major highway after Mugabe...but which then had to post guards to protect the plaques honoring the dictator from being vandalized by the tens of thousands of Zimbabwean refugees living there. If the African nations were the least bit sane, they would band together and support insurrection in Zimbabwe. But no, they worship Mugabe as a hero.

Our Western allies are to wrapped up in self hatred and guilt to defend themselves from the influx of Muslim hatred. The allow themselves to be deceived by the smokescreens of the tyrants. It is bad enough that they are not fully supporting the US in the war against Militant Islam, in many ways they are actively opposing us. The horrendous cease-fire in Lebanon was due, in large part, to pressure from the Western allies.

No time for a conclusion...I have to get showered, dressed, and on my way to the office.


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