Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Democrat Hypocrisy - DeLay and the ballot [link]

The Democrats in Texas want to keep Tom DeLay on the ballot. They claim that it would be a serious abuse to allow the Republicans to offer a different candidate. Excuse me. Is this the same Democrat party that sued to get Robert Torricelli OFF the New Jersey ballot?

Here is a link to a summary of the situtation over at National Review Online:


What is outrageous about all this is that each state has separate rules with respect to how and when a candidate can resign from a race, and whether or not that candidate can be replaced. In New Jersey, the local courts ignored the law and allowed Torricelli to be replaced. In Texas, DeLay complied with the law, and the Dems have moved Heaven and Earth to keep him ON the ballot so they can run against him.

Of course, this could come back to bite them on the backside. If DeLay is forced to stay on the ballot, he can run his usual aggressive campaign. The Dems have foolishly given him an issue to run ON...they won't let him off the ballot. It is the DEMS who don't want the people of that district to have a choice. They may regret having Tom stay on the ballot.

I hope that Jim Bopp is able to convince the 5th Circuit to let the Republicans replace DeLay. But if not, I hope DeLay gives them hell and a solid whooping!


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the dems want to keep delay off the pres ballot

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