Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday evening rant

Actually, I typed this rant this morning before I had my first cup of coffee. I was thinking about what the hell is wrong with the world. Why is everyone acting crazy, helping (or refusing to act) with respect to Iran acquiring nukes, whipping up hatred of the US (and Israel), and generally acting against their best interests?

I think the answer is that Europe, Russia, and China want to see an end to US dominance, both economic and military. I don’t see a conspiracy; rather a group of independent actors all joined by a common goal: kneecap the US.

Because of our military end economic strength, the rest of the world has come to rely on the US to take the lead in dealing with military problems. However, every time the US takes action unilaterally, it makes us less popular. Also, the cost of acting unilaterally weakens us economically and emotionally. So, what better way to cut the US down to size than to allow us to exhaust ourselves?

So Europe, Russia and China help some third world country become an unacceptable risk to world stability and peace, then refuse to act. The US will eventually be forced to act, if just out of the need for self preservation. After we act, the rest of the world can easily condemn us (though they would secretly take a sigh of relief just as they did after Israel took out the Iraqi nuclear program in the early 80s).

Think of the world as a dysfunctional family. The last thing the kids want is for the parents to be able to easily control the household. The more they keep the parents tied up dealing with problems, the more freedom the kids have to do what they want.

It is a reinforcing cycle of trouble…the more we act, the less popular we are (which is good for those governments that want to use us as their boogeyman). So, Europe and Russia and China keep stirring up trouble then sit on the sidelines. The US asks for help…and gets none. So the US acts alone; the problem is solved and our enemies get to build up THEIR popular support by condemning us.

When I am tired and angry, I sometimes think that we should adopt a less gentle approach to the world. Perhaps we should become isolationist for 20 or 30 years…with the understanding that at the end of that time, the world will in serious trouble and that strong action will be needed. Allow the rest of the world to go to hell.

We would only allow a few events force us out of our shell (e.g. if Iran or their surrogates nuke Israel or the US, then we respond with an overwhelming nuclear and conventional retaliation that leaves 90% of the Persian population dead). Nuke them, then send in our military forces to route out the last elements of their nuclear programs. We don’t go there to put in a stable government, we just go in to disarm them. Then we leave. Reconstruction is not our concern.

If Europe won’t resist Islamification, then let them become majority Muslim countries and experience Islam’s approach to multiculturalism. At some point, the expanding Muslim world will become a greater threat to China and Russia than it will be to us. Then, and only then, will they join us in the good fight. That would be the time for us to come out of our shell, kick ass, and take names.

This is not a serious proposal…I am just venting my frustration. The coming WW III could see over a billion people die; yet the rest of the world is so consumed with seeing the US brought down to size that they eagerly assist enemies of world peace. So perhaps we should withdraw from the world but, unlike the time between WW I and WW II, we don’t let our military forces atrophy. Instead, we recognize that the time will come when we will have to fight a major war…we continue to modernize and build up our military forces…we just keep them here. Or maybe we focus on keeping the Americas as a save haven (use our military to keep things stable in Central and South America…just so that they don’t lose their edge).

Oil prices will go through the roof…we would have to accept this (and it might encourage us to finally develop energy sources that will not enrich the Arabs or Hugo Chavez). Indeed, nothing would satisfy me more than for us to blast the Iranian and Venezuelan oil production facilities…destroy their economies and show them that their aggressive words have consequences.

Oh, we enforce STRICT limits on European immigration. I don’t want those cowardly weenies to move here after letting the Muslims take over their countries. Let them live under Sharia.

OK, no need to tell me what is wrong with all this. Sometimes it is a healthy exercise to vent out your unedited thoughts, then seriously look at what is wrong with them. That is why PC is such an evil, pernicious concept…if we are afraid to make interesting, challenging (and ultimately WRONG) proposals, we will never be able to find solutions to the world’s problems.

So, dear reader, feel free to point out my mistakes.


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