Monday, December 26, 2005

US News and World Report - more immoral support for the Enemy >link<

Good morning readers. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I did. And, now that I have a little excess time and energy on my hands, let me add a post to this woefully neglected blog.

Get a load of the article linked to above. US News and World Report provides information about a secret Federal program where teams with scanners are looking for traces of radiation .... apparently setting up scanners outside of Muslim sites, without warrants. Some legal scholars think this is illegal, basing their opinion on Supreme Court cases that stated that it was an "unreasonable search" to scan for heat signatures using thermal scanners (cops would scan for excess heat in an effort to find indoor marijuana cultivation).

Well, excuse me. But, it is a lot easier to scan for radiation at a distance than it is to scan for heat. And there is no way that any of these sites should have any of this radiation coming out unless they are planning to NUKE US!

So, in short, the DEFEAT LOVING LIBERALS want to hamstring our government in looking for illegal nuclear material. I only hope that if the terrorists set off a nuke, they detonate it right next to the offices of the NY Times and US News and World Report and blow them all to atoms when it goes off. What will the NY Times editorials say after that? Oh...they won't be ALIVE sorry!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You libtards are all the same- crybabies looking for the big government to come and watch you all the time like mommy. Like you need a nanny cam so no one will hurt you. Little babies and cowards. Of course, you're liberals. Are you so scared and shitting in your pants over the big bad terrorists that you have to give up your freedoms like a bunch of commies? You need a big, strong daddy to take care of little baby? You don't deserve to live under this proud flag.

3:23 AM  
Blogger Lucius Cornelius said...

Huh? Libtard? Me? I don't THINK so!

5:58 AM  

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