Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thank You Al Gore Part - Conclusion

In the last chapter, I discussed the legacy of Lyndon Johnson and, with generous quotes from Robert Caro's history: MEANS OF ASCENT, noted how LBJ's unrestrained dishonesty tarnished the office of the Presidency.

The rules changed with Johnson. Nixon was driven from office by liberals who despised him and were no longer restrained by the aura of the Presidency. Nixon's sins paled in comparison to those of his predecessors...but it was a new age. Nixon's misconduct cannot be excused; but it was unnecessary and dangerous to drive him from office for behavior that was tolerated - or even expected from - previous presidents. The American government was in disarray after Nixon's much so that we allowed North Vietnam to conquer the South without so much as a peep.

The liberals despised Reagan and did everything they could to ridicule him, hinder him, and marginalize him. They failed. But they tied up his second term with investigations over Iran-Contra - a scandal caused by the Administration's refusal to openly confront and oppose the Congressional Democrats' unconstitutional limitations on the President's foreign policy powers through the Boland Amendment. Reagan should have emulated FDR's Lend-Lease program...directly oppose the Congressional limitations and DARE them to stop him. Instead, Reagan tried to do it discreetly...and the secrecy gave the Dems the opening they needed to howl on about a scandal.

What was Iran-Contra about? Reagan was trying to stop the spread of Communism in Central America and get American hostages freed from terrorists in Lebanon. Hmmm....there was no element of self dealing there. No one was trying to get rich. No one was grasping for power (except the Dems in Congress that pushed through the laws limiting the President's ability to support the Contras).

And now we have GWB. Once again, the Dems are hunting for scandals. The first one was the supposed "outing" of CIA employee Veronica Plame. Some scandal...looks more like a CIA covert op to shift blame from "the company" to the White house. And then the claims that "Bush lied" about the causes for the war with Iraq.

The Dems want a weakened President. They don't realize the harm they are doing to our country...if you keep this President weak, that weakness will continue on in his successors...including any DEM successors. They don't realize the harm they are doing to the WORLD. The internal attacks on the President lead the rest of the world to discount the President and his foreign policy. The rest of the world WANTS a weakened US so that THEY can be more important. All the while, militant Islam is trying to build forces so that it can mount more attacks against the world and terrorize all of us into submission.

And Al Gore's conduct during the 2000 recount was the first act in these attacks to diminish President Bush's authority and legitimacy. Gore and his team fed misinformation and lies to their supporters in order to ramp up Dem hatred and distrust of President Bush. The rank and file Dems did not have the legal expertise to realize that the Gore legal arguments were spurious and self serving....they did not want to know....they were told what they wanted to hear.

Gore should have calmed the waters. He should have requested the recount, but emulated Paul Pfeifer in the 1990 Ohio Attorney General's race. Recognize that Bush probably won the race, but ask for the recount just to be sure. But no....Gore tried to game the system by requesting recounts only in a handful of strongly Dem counties. He wanted to find just enough extra Dem votes to eliminate Bush's lead...then claim victory. He would have had more moral authority if he had called for a state-wide recount from the very start....but he did not want moral authority; he wanted VICTORY.

So now, the Dems hate Bush and there is no possibility that they will be able to overcome that hatred and work with the President. The Republicans have to try to run the country without any assistance from the Dems. The Dems are acting like a minority party in a third world country...oppose the ruling party on all issues, no matter how sensible the proposed legislation may prove to be.

And we will all suffer because of this. Our country is nearly paralyzed during a time of war. The rest of the world is sitting back to let the US solve the major problems (because we have done that for too long). If we fail, the world could find itself in a peril comparable to WW II.

So, thank you Al Gore. Thank you very much.


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