Monday, December 26, 2005

NY Times is at war with America >link<

The New York Times seems hell bent on disclosing as much classified information as it can in order to embarrass the President with its unsurprising disclosures regarding NSA monitoring of world communications.

The NY Times is helping the enemies of civilization. The FBI should investigate. NY Times reporters should be forced to identify the traitors who are disclosing this information...if they refuse to give up the information, they should be treated as the enemy and locked up for the duration of hostilities. They should not have the luxury of knowing that they will be freed in 18 months (which, if I remember correctly, is the maximum amount of time that a judge can hold a person for contempt of court).

The identity of the leakers must be found. These individuals should be punished to the full extent of the law. It is one thing to hate President Bush. It is another to leak information that will alert our enemies to our ability to monitor their communications. This is not just giving them a general idea that their phone conversations and emails can be tracked...this giving them much more warning about what is happening.

People are going to die because of this. It is an outrage. This is treason against the civilized world.


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