Wednesday, December 28, 2005

NY Times in hyperventilation mode >link<

The NY Times has a breathless headline...Defense Lawyers in Terror Cases Plan Challenges Over Spy Efforts. I link to the story above.

Well, this is a blinding glimpse of the obvious. The defense counsel in any terrorist trial are going to cry foul over anything that the government does. Many of them particularly love to trash the US and the civil right bestowed upon all citizens and legal residents. I guess they miss the irony that they live in a country where you can bad mouth the nation's leadership and its institutions while trying to defend a client in a criminal can this without fear of retribution. Try doing that in any Arab country.

Gerry Spence, who is the lead counsel representing Brandon Mayfield, a Portland lawyer who was arrested in error last year in connection with the Madrid bombings and is now suing the government, said of the security agency program: "We are going to look into that. The calmest word I can use to describe how I feel about this is that I am aghast."

Well, pardon me for not being surprised. Gerry Spence will say anything to benefit one of his clients. He is less of a legal legend than you might otherwise believe. He is quite good at winning long as they are tried in his pet courtrooms in his home district...the judges there give him remarkable leeway in controlling the minute details of courtroom procedures for the benefit of his clients.

No doubt, Mr. Spence will describe the United States in the most terrible terms. And he can do this without any concern that government agents will knock on his door in the middle of the night and drag him away...never to be seen again.

This is an excellent reason why these types of suspects should not be treated as common criminals and should not be tried in civilian courts.


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