Wednesday, December 14, 2005

KING KONG - Hugh's Review

Ok, so I decided to go to a midnight was hard finding one that was not sold out, but there was a little theater near campus showing it. There was not much of a crowd (surprising since all the other midnight shows were sold out).

The first thing that surprised me was that the movie was in such terrible condition. The music and soundtrack were scratchy and filled with noise. I thought we would have Dolby digital sound...instead this sounded like the optical track video from old film strips. Even more shocking, the film was in black and white and was NOT wide screen!

And the special effects? Oh my God! Horrible! The most pathetic stop-motion animation I have ever seen. This was like something from the 1930s! And, as sometimes happens, all those scenes they showed in the tv commercials and the movie trailers did NOT show up in the movie.

There were a few good points. One, Naomi Watts bore an unbelievable resemblance to the late Fay Wray. Two, it was the FASTEST 3 hour movie I have ever seen...I could swear that it did not last more than 100 minutes!

N'yuck n'yuck n'yuck


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