Friday, December 02, 2005

European Girls Gone BOOM >link<

I guess the European approach to Militant Islam is, "If you are too lazy to fight them, join them."

The link above is to a story about a Belgium woman who became a suicide bomber in Iraq.

Murielle Degauque was, by all accounts, a normal child. A typical girl next door, you might say. True, as a teenager growing up in southern Belgium, she dabbled in drugs and preferred boys to books. But there was nothing to indicate that she would become the first Western woman to launch a suicide bomb attack in the name of jihad when she blew herself up in Iraq last month.

Fortunately, she was a rather incompetent suicide bomber. She was the only person killed when her bomb exploded. Thank God for small miracles.

There are other parts of this story that make my blood boil.

In April 2003, two Britons walked into a Tel Aviv bar wired with explosives. Asif Hanif's bomb killed three people and wounded 65, in Mike's Place, while his companion, Omar Sharif, fled from the scene after his device failed to detonate. His body was found floating off the Mediterranean coast almost two weeks later.

Sharif's brother and sister, Zahid and Parveen Sharif, were cleared this week by a court of failing to tell police that their brother planned to carry out the attack.

However, the prosecutor told the court that Parveen, a primary school teacher, had asked her pupils shortly after the 11 September attacks: " Hands up who has relatives in New York? Well, they are all dead."

She was also said to have told children the attacks on America were "a good thing" and that she was "on [Osama] bin Laden's team".

Parveen sounds like a "lovely" person...truly disturbed. Hopefully she is no longer working as a primary school teacher. But in England, who knows. Afterall, a homeowner who attempts to defend himself against intruders is subject to criminal prosecution and a burglar who gets injured during a breakin can sue the property owner and win millions!

If she got fired, she could probably sue and win. Is it really so bad to spout hatred and champion the murder of innocents? As long as those innocents are Americans or Jews, many Europeans apparently think not.


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