Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanks but no thanks! >link<

According to a report in the Washington Times (linked to above), the Iranian leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is "urging" Iraqis to ask the US forces to leave and promising that Iran would provide for Iraq's military security.

Fortunately, even the Iraqi Shiite Muslims probably will not find that promise too promising. According to my middle east expert, the Iraqi Shia are Arabs; the Iranian Shia are Persians. Also, the Iraqi Shia believe that religion should not play a role in government; the Iranian Shia have take complete control over the Iranian government.

The majority of Iraqis, including the majority of Iraqi Shia, see the corruption and maladministration inflicted on the Iranian people by the current theocracy there. There will always be some power hungry, ignorant, violent people who envy that kind of theocracy (Muqtada Al Sadr as an example), and the Iranians have been flooding Shia militants into the Southern part of Iraq to try and stoke up a Shia rebellion. But most Iraqis probably realise that the US eventually will bring its forces home...whereas, if the Iranians forces are allowed entry, they probably will never leave and Iraq would become a vassal state to Iran.


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