Tuesday, November 22, 2005

NY Times still thinks the TANG documents could be genuine >link<

Jonathan Alter must be a very stubborn political hack. I read his review today of Mary Mapes' book about the Rathergate scandal about the Texas Air National Guard memos...memos that even CBS admitted were not genuine.

Alter says this:

The most illuminating parts of the book are those in which Mapes strikes back at the cyber-lynch mob. Her description of a right-wing veteran of the Paula Jones case, masquerading as an expert on the technology of 1970's typewriters, should help dispel the myth that this case was a triumph for the fact-checking prowess of the blogosphere. (The blogger's anonymous assertion, within hours of the broadcast, that the proportional spacing and type font of the Killian memos did not exist in those days was only one of many falsehoods spread by political hit men.) Seeing how documents change shape and appearance after faxing and e-mailing should give pause to even the most ideologically ardent of amateur document analysts.

Oh my God! This is beyond belief!

I don't know which of the bloggers that Mapes is accusing of being a veteran of the Paula Jones case - Powerline or Little Green Footballs. Be that as it may, there were a good many people who criticized the authenticity of those documents. I for one, remember a series of articles written by an authority in the field of forensic document analysis who posted dozens of pages of analysis on the issue.

I did a little document review trick of my own. I printed out the Killian files from the CBS website. Then I typed my own version of those documents using MS Word and printed them out on my laserprinter. If I overlapped the two documents, the text from both documents were a perfect match. Not a close match...PERFECT!

Oh well, Alter is probably one of those liberal fools who refuses to believe that George W. Bush was elected President.


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