Thursday, October 20, 2005

Whom the Gods Destroy, They First Make Mad [link]

Now Cindy Sheehan rips into Hillary Clinton. You have to love this. We all assumed that the liberals would mindlessly support Hillary because they knew she was one of "them" and that any centrist positions taken by NY's junior senator were merely postures to make herself more acceptable to Red state voters.

Well, liberals like Sheehan are mindless, but not in anyway that helps their cause. Please, let them continue to emphasize "peace at all costs." Red America will never buy into that. Blue America won't either. I may disagree with Blue America on many issues, but they are still Americans and they still have common sense.

Sheehan says that Hillary sounds like Rush (aaaahhhhh....savior of the universe) Limbaugh. I think she needs to check the ingredients of her granola. Rush's response is delightful:

"There's trouble in paradise out there on the far left extreme which has become the Democrat base."

Doesn't sound like the Dems are in paradise. If they keep this up, they will stay in purgatory for a long time to come.


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