Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tax Cheats Convicted! [link]

From a report in the LA Times:

Anti-tax crusader Irwin Schiff and an associate were found guilty Monday of charges including conspiracy, tax evasion and tax fraud that could get each of them decades in federal prison and millions of dollars in fines. Schiff, 77, who argues that paying taxes is voluntary, was handcuffed and led from U.S. District Court after a jury found him guilty of all 13 charges.

I have no sympathy for tax protestors and I feel great animosity towards the fools who create bogus anti-tax arguments and lead gullible people into trouble.

The judge could sentence Schiff to up to 43 years in prison and up to $3.25 million in fines, plus unspecified sanctions for outbursts during the trial. He ordered Schiff jailed without bond until sentencing Jan. 20.

GOOD! Lock this creep away!

I remember once how a friend of mine, an attorney, handed me a book written by one of these anti-tax gurus. My friend thought the book made sense. I took a quick look and saw that it was pure nonsense.

One argument often made by these fools is that the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution, creating the authority for Congress to impose an income tax, was not properly ratified. Well, excuse me for stating the obvious, but there are thousands of decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States interpreting Title 26 of the US Code (better known as the Internal Revenue Code). If the 16th Amendment was not properly ratified, then the High Court would have ruled that Title 26 was invalid and unconstitutional long ago.

Another argument is that the federal income tax is only imposed on “citizens of the United States” and that most individuals living in the US are actually citizens of the state that they reside in.

Ok, let me put this in technical terms: BULL CHIPS!!!!!!

Title 26 Section 1 imposes the tax on the taxable income of every “married individual,” “surviving spouse,” “head of household,” and “individual.” These terms are then specifically defined in other sections of the Code. The “everyday” meaning of these terms are irrelevant; for purposes of interpreting Title 26, we can only use the definitions provided in the Code.

In the US Department of Justice press release announcing the indictment of Mr. Schiff and his partners in crime, Assistant Attorney General Eileen J. O’Connor said,

“There is no magic way out of paying taxes. If you fall for a scheme to cheat the IRS, you may lose your money to a con artist. You may wind up in federal prison. In the end, you will still owe taxes, and you may also owe interest and penalties.”

So say we all!


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