Monday, October 17, 2005

newspaper - Columbus Disgrace...uh...Dispatch

I go out for my morning walk around the block and I see the local newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch, for sale. The above the fold headline deals with the Iraqi elections. Good wannabe liberal newspaper that it is, the headline does not make reference to the positive aspects of this election: relatively low level of violence; high level of voter turnout; positive ramifications of voter approval of the new constitution.

Instead, the headline blares: "Sunnis fear the fix is in on the vote." The report is written by Liz Sly, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune...but the headline is home grown.

Yes, this is "responsible" journalism. Lets sift through all the positive news and find a negative point to emphasize. The headline might as well say, "Al Qaeda fears the fix is in on vote" since most of the Iraqi Sunni Muslims who oppose the US mission in Iraq are directly or indirectly sympathizing with the militant terrorists.

This gives me incentive to cancel my subscription.


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