Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Morning Update...CIA is a Rogue Agency [link]

Building on my theme from last night, follow the link above to Cliff Kincaid's excellent column at discussing how the "plamegate" scandal is nothing less than a CIA covert op against the Bush Administration.

The MSM usually hates the CIA...but that agency gets love and support when its target is the hated Bush Administration.

I have a good friend who works for an NGO and provides intelligence on militant Islamist terrorists to the Pentagon. I use to scoff when my friend told me how corrupt and incompetent the CIA was. My friend told me that when it came to picking potential leaders to help in the reconstitution of the Iraqi government, the CIA (and the State Department, which followed the CIA's lead on these matters) only wanted to use individuals that they had "dirt" on...people who could be "controlled" (that is, blackmailed into following orders). The CIA actively opposed the individuals suggested by the Pentagon who were genuinely progressive and freedom minded...but also independent.

Of course, who do YOU think is going to help build a better government in Iraq? People who are hiding corrupt details of their life and act as convenient "yes" men for the US State Department and CIA? Yeah...right. It would not take long for the average Iraqis to figure out the story behind these stooges. is better for honest and independent people to take charge. They may not always do what WE want them to do, but they will have the best chance of creating a vibrant representative government in Iraq.

The CIA has played with dirty people for too long. Now it wants to hide all that dirt by emasculating the President. Time to bring in the Lysol and give the Agency a thorough cleaning.


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