Monday, October 17, 2005

John Fund's contribution [link]

Ok, more from Yes, I know that you, my faithful reader, go there every day anyways...but it is always possible some new person may stumble in here by mistake. So bear with me.

John Fund (close friend to Rush....aaaahhhhhh, savior of the Universe) describes a conference call made to religious conservatives to build support for the Miers nomination on October 3rd. Participating in the call were Justice Nathan Hecht of the Texas Supreme Court and Judge Ed Kinkeade (apparently a Federal District Court Judge from Dallas). Apparently, during this conference call, Justice Hecht and Judge Kinkeade stated that they believed that Harriett Miers would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade if she was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Oy vey! This is the last thing you want anyone to say about a nominee to the High Court. People will wonder whether Miers ever expressly told anyone that she would overrule Roe v. Wade.

I agree with Fund's belief that the Republicans in the Senate will not vote to end the use of filibusters with respect to judicial nominees if the Dems filibuster Miers. This nomination keeps causing more and more pain and embarrassment to the Administration....the efforts to shore up conservatives are doing more harm than good. The Administration is not giving much comfort to conservatives and is giving plenty of ammunition to the Dems.

This nomination is more pain than it is worth. The President should allow Miers to withdraw her name from consideration and choose another nominee.


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