Monday, October 24, 2005

John Fund Strikes Again! [link]

Once again John Fund delivers a hard hitting, fact filled column on the disintegrating Harriet Miers nomination.

The president trusts his instincts, and they are usually right. But when they fail him, the result can be calamitous.

That quote made a liberal reader at the Volokh Conspiracy choke, but c'mon's true. This President generally has excellent political instincts. But when he goes wrong, he does it big time. His loyalty to Ms. Miers is laudible, but the time has come when his loyalty is causing more harm to his administration AND TO MS. MIERS' REPUTATION.

"What is clear is that the same White House that says it won't listen to senators who tell them the Miers nomination should be withdrawn was highly solicitous of Senate objections to other qualified nominees. One federal judge was nixed by a powerful senator over a judicial opinion that would have been attacked by feminists. Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown, both of whom won tough confirmation battles for seats on appellate courts only this spring, were nixed by other GOP Senators as too tough a battle for the high court. Alice Batchelder of the Sixth Circuit was deep-sixed by an old Ohio political rival, Republican National Committee co-chairman Jo Ann Davidson. The White House and some senators deemed Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit too difficult to confirm. Given Mr. Bush's idée fixe that the nominee had to be a woman, it's possible the White House allowed itself to be pushed into a corner in which Ms. Miers was literally the only female left."

The only female left? Oh c'mon! What about Megalon?! She's almost as experienced as Miers, is not a Bush crony, IS a Federalist Society member, and is a lot younger!

And if there are no adequate females left, then the President should just tighten his belt and nominate another white, straight, male, conservative, pro-life, Catholic!


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