Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Harriet Miers

Another Supreme Court nomination. But this one will have fewer fireworks. Conservatives were hoping for a younger, more obvious fighter (in the Scalia mold) and are disappointed by the President's selection of Harriet Miers.

I saw Jay Sekulow's statement; and I have a lot of confidence in Jay's opinion:

Sekulow: “Harriet Miers Is An Excellent Choice With An Extraordinary Record Of Service In The Legal Community And Is Certain To Approach Her Work On The High Court With A Firm Commitment To Follow The Constitution And The Rule Of Law. I Have Been Privileged To Work With Her In Her Capacity As White House Counsel.”

The Dems are claiming victory and appear to be happy...but that is probably just because so many of us appear to be unhappy. Once again, they ignore the substance and go only on the "feelings."

Remember the agreement from the Gang of 14 about filibusters? At first, the Dems were claiming victory and were happy. Later on, they realized that this agreement boxed them in.

Still, I will miss the fight. It would have been good for giving our side an emotional and moral boost.