Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gun Control is a Dud [link]

The irreplacable John Stossel has an outstanding column today that skewers gun control. I linked to it above at

Gun control does not work. When I lived in the Virgin Islands, I lived in a territory that had strict gun control. Each and every firearm had to have its own specific permit. Concealed carry permits were almost impossible to acquire unless you were in law enforcement. The law abiding citizens were unarmed...and every crook had a gun. The only thing gun control accomplishes is the creation of a risk free work environment for violent criminals.

But how do you stop someone from smuggling firearms onto an island? You can bring them in shipping containers. Drug sniffing dogs can't find them...a gun will smell just like machine parts. Afterall, a gun is just metal, plastic, maybe some wood, and a little machine grease or oil. Here comes a container ship with 1,000 tons of machine parts...sniff away Lassie!

So, what was the result of all this gun control? Well, law abiding citizens were pretty much defenseless...and the criminals had no trouble what-so-ever getting guns. I remember a time when two young felons escaped from the lock-up on St. Croix. The kids (I think they were both teenagers) were on the lam for about 30 days. When they were finally cornered in a field, they attempted to fight off the police with handguns. Each of the teenagers had a .357 magnum in his possession when the pair was finally bagged. Whoa...that island gun control was really effective.

Stossel interviewed Judge Alex of my favorite people!

Kozinski's comments remind me of a tv news report I saw on Christmas day 1989, when the communist government in Romania collapsed. A newsman interviewed one of the rebels and asked about whether they get freedom. The rebel answered, "Well, we've got guns!"

Well said!


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