Monday, October 10, 2005

Columbus Day...all HAIL to a COURAGEOUS man!

The lefties are going to have their usual rant today about the "crimes" of Christopher Columbus. Well, I think Columbus was a great hero...and not just because I am sitting here in my bed, blogging in my pajamas (actually, in a t-shirt and gym shorts) rather than sitting at my desk because it is a state holiday here in Ohio! Woo hoo!

Columbus had the courage and initiative to propose and lead an expedition to sail around the world to find a direct route to China. Instead of finding the Far East, he found a whole new world. His discovery lead to the creation of the greatest, most human rights oriented, wealthiest, most charitable, and most militarily powerful nation this planet has ever known. Imagine the HELL this planet would be without the presence of the United States of America.

The lefties HATE Christopher Columbus because they HATE the USA. Well, I HATE them. I HATE their arrogance; I HATE their stupidity; I HATE their hypocrisy; and I HATE their tunnel vision (and their willingness to ignore the horrific crimes committed in the rest of the world so that they can focus their attention on the US and Israel).

Take THAT Howard Dean, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, Michael Moore, and the rest!


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