Tuesday, October 18, 2005

All the news that spits...they print [link]

Obviously, when it comes to cherry picking negative news out of the election triumph in Iraq, the New York Times is not going to let itself be outdone by the Chicago Tribune or the Columbus Dispatch.

So, we are blessed with a report about the fact that it is suspicious that the Shiite Muslims in some areas of Iraq voted in excess of 90% in favor of the new constitution. Well, color me not very suspicious....these people want a functioning, representative government, not chaos and tyranny.

Just imagine how the current editorial staff at the NY Times would have reported D-Day? Or any other difficult military situation that arose during the Second World War? All you have to do is watch the History Channel when they are in their WWII cycle and you will be amazed at all the foul ups and tragic errors made by the Allied Forces during that war. If the NY Times and other papers had reported that war the way they are reporting about the Global War Against Terror, we would probably still have a NAZI regime in Germany.


The American Spectator seems to have noticed a similar trend over at AP:



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