Friday, October 21, 2005

Alcohol may derail Democrat in Ohio Governor's race [link]

*****NEWS FLASH*****
*****NEWS FLASH*****

Ok, not quite a flash, since this story is over 14 hours old, but this is nearly instantaneous for ME.

The wife of the Democrat Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman (who wants to be Ohio's next governor) was arrested last night for drunk driving. Here is the report (linked to above) from Channel 4 news:

"Frankie Coleman was arrested at about 9 p.m. Thursday in Bexley and was charged with two misdemeanor charges, operating a motor vehicle while impaired and failure to control, police said."

Bexley! Whoa...that is near where I live. Heck, I could have been out for my nightly walk and run down by the lady!

"According to police, Frankie Coleman failed a sobriety test and a blood-alcohol test. Her blood content was more than three times the legal limit, NBC 4's Nancy Burton reported.

A homeowner on Cassingham Road phoned police after a car struck a truck that was parked along the street, Burton reported."

A source informs me that her blood alcohol level was 0.27; the legal limit in Ohio is 0.08 (I think)[update...0.08 is confirmed].

10TV has obtained a copy of the report which confirms that Coleman registered a point .271 with the breathalyzer test, but 10TV also obtained dash camera video from Bexley police that shows why they decided to charge Coleman.

[update...Thank you Channel 10 News for confirming THAT detail!]

"Coleman is facing three misdemeanor charges. She is charged with two counts of OVI, or operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and she is also charged with failure to control."

What will Coleman do? Will this torpedo his run for governor? The initial reaction from his campaign is not hard to predict...they will say that this is a private, family matter and that Coleman and his wife will need some time to get this sorted out.

"Following an automobile accident this evening, Frankie Coleman is unhurt and safe with family and friends. Mike and Frankie are dealing with the accident as a family and ask that their privacy be respected."

See, that was not hard to predict. I wonder if Frankie is going to claim that she was just "out inspecting the city?"

Sorry...that was a Columbus joke. A long time ago, Columbus Mayor Tom Moody (a Republican) was arrested late one night for drunk driving. He told the arresting officers that he was just "out inspecting the city" and that line has been a local joke ever since.


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